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This piece is a collaboration between original photography and typographical layout and is one of a series of images. At first the images where personal then were picked up by the national podcast you see on the image as a promo for the show and its content. Currently the images are inspiration for an upcoming book.


Package Design

Here is an example of work outside of the retail grocery store products we usually design packaging for. Called up through by referral and hired by a local, Washington State, folk musician to concept this CD and it's sleeve packaging. Photo manipulation work done in Photoshop and layout with InDesign.


Logo Design

An aquaintance, from Arizona, running a start-up telecom company called me up since we had been aquainted years before and asked for help updating the company logo, in order to update professional image of his company. This logo is the solution produced. This logo represents many exciting challenges we over came to produce the final logo — like scalability but still have a shaded 3-D effect.


Web Development

An aquaintance from past projects I had worked on for a former employer contacted me to help update the look for some of the package design of his new company. That work became a springboard for designing a website that the Reprocare company needed for helping to expand their marketing internationally.


Presentation Layout

A referral brought V.P. strategies to our door to work on their identity; happy with their logo but feeling they needed more to say in order to lead conversations toward the story of their company. After updating the logo V.P. Strategies wanted a dynamic presentation for their group meetings, shown to sales teams and organization leaders. We were asked to concept the look and feel of that A.V. presentation; which is the main content of V.P. Strategies services.



Here is a personal piece created with the intent of entering it into an art competition. The piece was a featured display piece of the competition and recognized with an award. The piece has meaning for me since I love keeping fish aquariums.

"The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring."

Paul Rand, American Graphic Designer (born 1914 died 1996)